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There is more to property management than meets the eye.


In today’s market, or even markets gone by, landlords tend to buy property and rent it to the first person to come along without any background checks or references taken. Problems can arise from non-payment of rent, and maintenance of the property.


Bad landlords may also devalue their own property. Helen Parnell Property Manager for Winton Properties Ltd recently came across a house where the tenants paid cash for two weeks and then all cheques went NSF. The owner had to ask Winton Properties Ltd to take on the cause of eviciting them, going to court, calling the baliffs and then arranging for thier furniture to be removed. This cost him thousands when  simple credit check would have seen he was not use to paying rent.


Today, on behalf of Winton Properties Ltd, Helen Parnell property manages several properties including the 36  units owned by the Society for Housing Options here in Cochrane. She has been able to deal with a lot of various problems including evictions for noisy parties, smoking, and notices of eviction for non-payment of rent and NSF cheques.


Professional property management by Winton Properties Ltd can be beneficial for the tenant as they are being dealt with by a person who not only knows the law, but actually understands its implications and is ready to follow all parts of the Tenancy Act.


Professional property management can also be beneficial for the property owner who wants to maintain the value in their property, plus wants tenants who will look after it and pay their rent on time. If your tenant is in arrears and you want them out as soon as possible, and require full occupancy again right behind them, then Helen Parnell has many contacts and waiting lists of people looking – they will find you a tenant quicker and faster.


ALL of these advantages and much more can be achieved by using the services of Helen Parnell, Property Manager for Winton Properties Ltd. Call or email her today.






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